Anomaly (An Introduction to Me)

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It wouldn’t take a genius in my 41-year old shoes to look around and notice something … different … about my life (life being a generous term some days). Not surprisingly, this different life created mindsets, habits, even an appearance that are … different. This happened primarily because life most generously carved out for me adequate (to threaten sanity) amounts of thinking time (in a solitary confinement sort of way). I seemed to be traveling a dirt road in a covered wagon parallel to expressways full of Teslas, like I was born with the wrong mode of transportation in the wrong era.

As I mulled over starting this blog (something I never thought I’d do but was sort of talked into) the things worth putting fingertips to keyboard for were these … differences … I’ve rarely found words (or guts) to speak. So I, like any self-respecting writer, started searching high and low for colorful adjectives for it all (other than the 4-letter variety) to craft a cunning introduction. Epic fail. Accurate descriptors in a quick summary? No way, no how, no can do. So I surrendered to simplicity. The only cause I have to sound my voice here is because, for me, things have been … different … hard-resisted then hard-appreciated … different. Good enough.

My anomalous journey of (four) natural disasters and resurrections, health debacles and mendings (then debacle, followed by debacle proceeded by debacle followed by mending, repeat debacle), business paths and partnerships (in sickness and in health, for worse or better, they’re truly like marriages), relational connections and crashes, family planning nightmares and triumphs all combined with a rare personality type to create off-mainstream beliefs, bizarre stories, profound sympathy and controversial perspectives. I’m going to offer it all up in an attempt to exploit whatever diamond might materialize from under all the black, ugly pressure per chance it might benefit or move you. But I also write because I need to. I suppose that’s called passion, and I try to follow it whenever possible, believing a life lived alive is best for me and everybody. The results will take care of themselves.

If anything I write seems simple, forgive me, but maybe don’t give up on me too quickly. I’ve concluded from my adventures (again, a forgiving word) that we Homo sapiens major in complication. I can over-think with the pros, choosing the hardest route when the easy one would do just fine. But having observed the rat race mostly from the sidelines (my body firmly refuses to run it, stubborn mule to which I’m grateful), I know that in this United States of America we’re swimming in a turbulent, unnecessary sea of complication. We seem to crave erudition, sophistication, profundity, speed, control or appearances that might forge a name or legacy at the expense of common sense, ratcheting simple things up to an unnecessary boil that ends up burning us all.

I’m not interested in any of that. I’m here to see how much simple truth I can put on paper with some lighthearted sense of perspective. So let’s leave all the intricacy and self-promotion stuff at the door and discuss what actually works to make life better, not what sounds good on paper (I get the irony).

At any rate, I won’t hesitate to write about topics from politics and religion (*gasp*choke*) to alternative medicine and food (viva carbohydrates) to lifestyle and money (ugh, sorry) to relationships and isolation (I was forcibly mute for 3+ years, hello) IF I have reasonable belief that I’ve been taught something of value by the … crushing and saving events of my life (same events, all). Well, there you go. I already found my better adjectives. There’s hope for me yet. Sometimes the honest descriptions are the hardest to give, but we’ll have no real relationship without truth. I will tell it absolutely, come what may.

And what should you make of the maybe sometimes seemingly random blog topics you’ll encounter? Well, I’ve found that the answers to getting up and keeping on–not stopping a nose length short of the finish line–tend to be wrapped up in and all around just such “random” things, big and little. It’s called life.

I hope to see you again soon. If you find anything interesting that resonates or you disagree but believe in exposing yourself to different perspectives, you know the cyber drill. Please follow and share liberally with friends (many thanks). If not, thanks for stopping by and blessings to you as you live your own blog (written or not), because everybody lives valuable volumes. I’m no different, but my story is. This is the sometimes dizzying, sometimes stunning view from my one seat on our spinning sphere.

With Hope and Heart in Hand,

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